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Watching a Movie
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Baby Boomers own 83% of businesses. It is $10 Trillion in combined value. Most of that will change hands over this decade as they attempt to sell out.  

Here's the problem: only 20% of businesses ever sell.

Can we fix that? 

Now Playing at Theaters Throughout The Country

The most critical business story of our times is the M&A movie. It shares a powerful message that every entrepreneur and business owner should know.


World Premier – May 11, 2023, Green Bay, Wisconsin 


World Premier – May 11, 2023, Green Bay, Wisconsin 

This movie event is hosted by local businesses and organizations in local theaters. It brings the entire business community together in a powerful way for a special evening of learning, networking, and purpose.


What people are saying about M&A:

"This is a must-see movie for every business owner or entrepreneur."


"Two hours of my life saved me millions of dollars. Like, in terms of ROI, the cost of seeing that movie, and the time investment, I'm on my third business, and I couldn't believe what I didn't know."


"Eventually, you're going to sell your business, or somebody's going to sell it for you if you're not there, and it shows what kind of help you really need."

"I look at this movie as a must-see whether someone's going to start a business, they're in business ready to retire. Whatever stage they are. They need to see this and get ready."


"Terrifying. It's something that I know if you don't start preparing now, it will be a real issue for the future."


"Wow. I mean, everybody's got to see this. It's just unbelievable."


"Incredible production. I think it will be extremely impactful and a great medium to get a much-needed message across to business owners across the US."


"It's not just entertainment; it's education with a real potential to improve people's lives."

Clip from M&A Movie

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